Hope For Chattanooga

Hope for Chattanooga is an ensemble homecoming story about a group of friends returning to their Southern roots for a last chance at reconciliation. Their arrival on the eve of destruction of a beloved landmark leads to the upheaval of the tight-knit community along the lines of gender, race, sexuality, and identity. Told by a colorful cast of Southern delights, this is my debut novel.

When thirty-eight-year-old environmental activist, Clint’n Carter Pitt, gets a phone call in his hospital room in the Philippines from his estranged mother, Tia, begging him to take on a rescue mission closer to home – the beloved Chattanooga Train Station – he’s torn. Then his sister calls asking if his blood type is a match for their mother, who doesn’t yet know she is gravely ill. Now Clint must return to the town that exiled him after the drowning of his boyhood lover decades earlier, to fight the bulldozer of greed as well as prejudice. As the excavation of one secret leads to another, no one in Chattanooga will be the same.

Built in 1909, Terminal Station, The Chattanooga Choo-Choo is a gracious relic from another time that stands to this day on Market St. in Chattanooga TN. This landmark is what Hestia-Mae Carter fights to save in my debut novel, Hope For Chattanooga.

My writing Bio

My first published work appeared in April 1993 for Chelo Publications in New York City. I was hired as a contributing writer for Men’s Exercise and Exercise for Men Only, where I contributed from 1993 to 2004. I was hired as Managing Editor by Pumpkin Press for Fitness Plus Magazine from 1994 to 1996, before moving to California. I also contributed to a variety of local publications in New York City on the subject of fitness. I owned a personal training business in new York from 1993 – 1996, and worked as a trainer in California until 2004.

From 1997 to 2007 I wrote regularly on entertainment arts for The Orange County & Long Beach Blade, an Orange County, CA based publication, reviewing books, films, and music.

I also contributed on arts to The Pasadena News, as well as The Culver City Observer in Los Angeles.

From 2003 – 2009 I wrote and raised a musical staged production, called Being Poz: The Musical. Three productions of this show were showcased in Los Angeles between 2007 and 2009, starting at Occidental College, then Moving Arts in Silver Lake, and finally Highways Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.

From 2016 to 2018, I contributed to the Coastal View News in the Santa Barbara area, with a column called Minding our Business, featuring the heroic struggles of local businesses.

I completed my Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2006, and was licensed as a clinical psychotherapist in 2011. In 2018 I published my first book in Mental Health called ADHD: A Heartful Approach This led to both local and national public speaking engagements on ADHD, Family Therapy, Positive Psychology, and the impact of social media on pre-teen and teen-aged brains.

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