Shane Bruce


Music is a way to connect our inner world with the world around us. It’s helped me to make meaning of my experience and my life. It got me through rough unbearable times. It inspired me to dance when I lay dying in a hospital bed, willing me back to life. From as early as I can remember music played a significant role in my development.

For the past few years I’ve been hanging with my good pals Marilyn Owen and Bob Schetter. Together we formed a trio we call The InVocations. Our song, New Harmony (click below to listen), brought tears to all of us as it laments a simpler way of life found now at The Cobden Cottage.

the InVocations

Who We Are

We are all therapists, and our passion for, and expression of the human experience remains up front and center in our songwriting.

Here’s our website:

Since migrating during COVID to The Cobden Cottage, The InVocations has been planning a Wine Trail tour in the Spring of 2022. Meantime we are writing and developing our skills.

You can connect with us on Facebook or Soundcloud with the links below: