Are You Maximizing Your Potential(s)?

As someone that has personally pondered this question over the years as well as working with hundreds of clients as a licensed therapist, I’ve found that a large majority are NOT maximizing their full potentials.

I created the “Your Potentials Survey” to help you understand where you are currently, so you can start taking the crucial steps towards actualizing who you were meant to be.

This survey will tell you where to start.

Reach ‘Your Potentials’ today

Who is Shane?

I guess I’m the guy who sees people in their full potential, as who they really are. Shining bright, like stars. Even in the darkness I see the hope of untapped potentiality because the suffering we encounter usually means we care deeply about what it means to be alive. I lead with my heart. Sometimes that get’s me in trouble, but I always seem to find my way out of the quagmire, somehow changed for the better and gifted with a new perspective.

I began my journey pursuing my passion for music. I was the lead singer for a Rock ‘n Roll band. Everybody’s got a past. Here’s mine… 

My second passion was fitness. I worked as a personal trainer. This led to buying a small gym in NYC and working as a physique model. Modeling led to involvement in editorial and publishing for Exercise for Men Only, Men’s Exercise, and Fitness Plus magazines.

On the day my first magazine layout hit the news stands I learned my mother had terminal cancer. The loss of my mother led to profound despair and confusion. This dark night of the soul led to a Spiritual quest for a deeper meaning in life. I moved to the West Coast and explored yoga, meditation; as well as both Eastern and Western philosophies and Spiritual Traditions. I met Jungian Analyst, Robert Johnson who helped me integrate my interests in mythology, psychology, and shamanism. He told me of Pacifica Graduate Institute where I got my Masters in Depth Counseling Psychology. I became a Licensed Psychotherapist and Adjunct Professor.

But I faced significant challenges on my journey toward getting licensed, which included internships that were daunting with documentation. Not my strength! I discovered my own neuro-diversity working in community mental health and quickly became an advocate for the youth and families I worked with. I developed a system that helped me function and helped others as well. This led to my authoring the book, ADHD, A Heartful Approach, available on Amazon, and through the site  This book is the first in a series of books on Wisdom, Wit and Wonder, an in-depth exploration of how to optimize your life.

The Your Potentials Campaign was the first step. Now you can take that step! 
Shane Bruce LMFT