Take this survey to get more out of your life

In a world that seems to demand more and more of us, pausing for a moment to catch up with ourselves can seem like an impossible luxury. Yet it is just this sort of reflecting that can lead to a more meaningful experience in our relationships, careers, and hopes for the future.

Sometimes we may feel upset, sad, frustrated, or a sense of disconnectedness that we don’t understand. This could come from losing something, or someone we cared about; or, from not knowing how to say what we feel in a way that others understand. Emotional pain can also come from internal sources, in ways we might not anticipate, catching us off-guard.

It may be surprising to discover just how resilient we actually are. Together, let’s uncover hidden sources of strength and joy you may have forgotten, discover and explore new interests, talents, and values; and discard old emotional and behavioral patterns that are no longer serving you.

“Thoughts effect us on a molecular level, and, all you need is love!”

Dan Siegel, MD

Together we develop a plan to help you connect with what is most meaningful to you. This may mean reducing anxiety (fears), overcoming feelings of loneliness, isolation, healing from trauma, or simply feeling more present for your own life.

These things can be achieved by developing a more resilient sense of Self. I can help with interventions that best practice supports, as well as finding out what has always worked best for you. Sometimes the keys are hiding in plain sight. Together we explore progress and strategize what will work best.

Take this survey to get more out of your life.

As someone that has personally pondered this question over the years as well as working with hundreds of clients as a licensed therapist, I’ve found that a large majority are NOT maximizing their full potentials.

I created the “Your Potentials Survey” to help you understand where you are currently, so you can start taking the crucial steps towards actualizing who you were meant to be.

This survey will tell you where to start.

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